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Dead Valley’s

Dead Valley’s in Shingle Causing Leaks?

This is Doug from Far West Roofing speaking about Dead Valley’s in a shingle. Dead Valley’s are created when a valley on the roof is horizontal with no way for the water to drain, creating basically a swimming pool. If you look at how the shingles are designed, the shingles are layered with a portion of one shingle partially laying beneath the other shingles allowing water to drain off the roof. This naturally occurs when water flows from the top or ridge to the bottom or eave of the roof. If there is a blockage preventing water from flowing off it causes the water to back up under the shingles and be channeled into the home based on how the shingles were applied. The proper way to maintain a dead valley section of roof is to install a membrane system in the dead valley section and tie it into the shingle section. The trick is to find a good membrane that will last as long as the shingles are going to last. If you have a dead valley give Far West Roofing in Salt Lake City a call. We can help fix a leak if you have one, or help prevent a leak before any damage is caused. Call 801-253-7799 to schedule your complimentary estimate today.


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